The RokDeez Bulls Blog Bulls Free Agency Preview 2022: Bah Humbug!

I tried writing a post yesterday. It was completely different than this post today. It was full of hope and promise. Inspired by last weeks draft, I put together a big board of Free Agents that I thought filled the Bulls needs and we’re “gettable”. And then yesterday afternoon happened, and all my work was outdated and trite. Cripes the tampering! If all the reports that were flying across the internet are to be believed, we already know where half the free agents on the market are going.

I trashed my intended post.

All the work, all the thought I’d put in, done. Whatever. Who cares.

Dan Woike of Yahoo! Sports suggested in a recent article that the Lakers might want to trade for Coby White, possibly in exchange for Talen Horten-Tucker. Do it.

My top guy on the big board? Isaiah Hartenstein. Size, rim protection, good passer and shooter. He’s young, could become the starting center when Nikola Vucevic moves on. He’s rumored to be signing with the Orlando Magic.

I guess I have to rekindle my love for future Basketball Hall of Famer, Mo Bamba. The Bulls are said to be interested in signing him… and pretty much every other free agent 6′ 6″ and taller.

Lu Dort opted out of his contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder yesterday. He developed into a solid player under Billy Donovan, could a reunion be in the works? Is he taller than 6′ 6″?

I don’t think the Bulls can afford Malik Monk, because they only have the mid-level exception to work with this summer (about $10.3 million). Monk was #2 on my big board. Monk is said to be willing to take a pay cut to stay with the Lakers. Maybe AKME can Alex Caruso him away from LA.

Juan Toscano-Anderson was just dropped by the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. I saw Bulls fans on twitter demanding that AK and Eversley sign him. I know he’s taller than 6′ 6″, so go for it!

You know who else is tall? Blake Griffin. The Bulls are rumored to be interested.

Bobby Portis opted out of his contract with the Milwaukee Bucks… so that they can give him a new contract for more money.

The latest on Mitchell Robinson, number 3 on my free agency big board, is that he’ll re-sign with the Knicks.

The Bulls could do worse than JaVale McGee.

When it comes to roster fit, TJ Warren would fit right in with the Bulls. He can join Lonzo Ball, Patrick Williams, Coby White, and Alex Caruso rehabbing whatever his next injury is. Oh wait, I forgot we’re trading Coby White to the Lakers (do it).

TJ Warren will probably never suffer another injury the rest of his NBA career. Probably.

I hadn’t even mentioned Kyle Anderson yet, why bother now?

The Bulls could do worse than Thad”-gic Johnson” Young.

The White Sox should probably think about firing Tony La Russa.

The Bulls are not offering Troy Brown Jr a qualifying offer. He will become an unrestricted free agent. He is 6′ 6″.

Interest has been shown by the Chicago Bulls in Atlanta Hawks big man, John Collins.

My guy, Nic Claxton (taller than 6′ 6″), is likely to re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets, but he has to hit a free throw first.

Chris Boucher was 5th on my free agent big board, he’s better than Lauri Markkanen, and proved it every time the Bulls played the Toronto Raptors. The Phoenix Suns are interested in acquiring him.

Will the Bulls trade for Jakob Poeltl now that the San Antonio Spurs are in full rebuild mode? They had interest in him at some point in their recent history.

Miles Bridges just got arrested for domestic battery.

Tony Bradley opted into the 2nd year of his contract with the Chicago Bulls.

Okay, I’m done. Let’s wrap this thing up. By my calculations, later today the Bulls will be:

  1. Signing Zach LaVine to a Max contract.
  2. Trading Coby White to the Lakers for Talen Horten-Tucker.
  3. Signing Mo Bamba.
  4. Signing Lu Dort.
  5. Signing Juan Toscano-Anderson, because the fans DEMANDED it.
  6. Signing Blake Griffin.
  7. Trading (presumably) Juan Toscano-Anderson and Blake Griffin to Atlanta for John Collins.
  8. Trading (presumably) Lu Dort, Tony Bradley, and Mo Bamba, for Jakob Poeltl.

And that about does it for this addition of The RokDeez Bulls Blog Bulls Free Agency Preview 2022. If any of these signings and trades happen you can expect the League to demand the Bulls forfeit another future 2nd round draft pick. Until that happens, thanks for reading, enjoy the opening day of NBA Free Agency, and GO BULLS!