The RokDeez Bulls Blog Haiku Extravaganza 2019!

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Season ending soon,

They rested LaVine again.

Time to write Haiku.

That’s right folks, we’ve reached the shiftless doldrums of the NBA season’s end. The Bulls are giving their young players a chance to lose games for them, and I’ve turned my brain to happier thoughts, ones that follow a 3 line, 5-7-5 syllabic pattern: The Haiku.

Simple, elegant, capable of immense emotional truth in the hands of a master, Haiku can change a person’s soul, and in doing so, change the world. Let’s change the world together with…

The RokDeez Bulls Blog Haiku Extravaganza 2019!


Ones About the Players:


Too long for Haiku,

Is Arcidiacono.

Too short for league.


They say it’s too late.

The bench is in his future.

Don’t tell Kris Dunn that.


To sit the wounded

Is to ground the wingless bird

Let LaVine fly free.


Shaquille Harrison,

Emerges from the desert.

Gritty sand spirit.


The ball arcs from 3.

The net whispers gently, “points.”

Lauri Markkanen


A mad beast twisting

Cha-cha under the basket,

Stacey King is proud.


Otto Porter Jr attacks the rim and his former team. Photo by David Banks of USA Today Sports

Exiled from DC

Traded for a native son

A leader is born


Felicio built

A new house for his mother

Laying bricks nightly


We’re taking a break

Season lost to injury

No Valentine’s day


Straight up at the rim

Savage return policy

No soup for you, fool!


Hutch: Promises made.

When he finally matures,

Will it be worth it?


Pride filled Bobby’s heart

Consuming his driven soul

He broke Niko’s face


Ones About the Season:


Swift as a gazelle.

Determined as the tortoise.

HoiBall to BoyBall


It’s early Autumn

Our chance for victories wane

As injuries mount


Winter overwhelms

LaVine has no help in sight

Where are his teammates?


February brings hope

The Finnisher briefly flares

Then darkness and Tank


Monotonous hum

The cicada sings ‘til death

This season still thrums


Wild lion in the zoo

The sideline his pacing space

Jim Boylen coaches


Okay, that’s enough of that. I’m pretty sure we just changed the world. Maybe this time next season the Bulls will be in a playoff race, or at least playing with a full roster, so I won’t have to write ridiculous Haiku posts to keep myself interested in the team. Who am I kidding? I’d probably write even more Haiku if they were winning. But why leave all the fun up to yours truly? If YOU have a Haiku you’d like to share, drop it in any of the appropriate response areas (i.e. comment sections under this post, on Facebook or Twitter). Poetry can be very cathartic. Until next time, thanks for reading, get writing, and Go Bulls!