04/08/2018 Update

The Turkish Hammer, Omer Asik, returns to the court!

Two games left in this long, death-rattle of a season!

Tankathon Update:

The Bulls have returned to form, dropping two games in a row, and find themselves tied with the Brooklyn Nets for the 7th seed, and a game behind the Sacramento Kings for the 6th seed in the NBA Draft Lottery. For the Bulls to steal the 6th seed it will require help from the Kings. The easiest scenario is for the Bulls to lose their two remaining games (Brooklyn on Monday, and Detroit on Wednesday) and for Sacramento to win their two games (San Antonio on Monday, and Houston on Wednesday). The Bulls would finish with a record of 27-55 and Sacramento 28-54, giving the Bulls the 6th seed outright. If they conclude the season with the same record, a random drawing will decide which team picks first. The Bulls MUST lose out!


The Bulls lost to both the Boston Celtics on Friday night, and the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night. Sean Kilpatrick led the Bulls in scoring both games as he continues to prove he belongs in the NBA. Lauri Markkanen had a good game against the Celtics scoring 20 points in 23 minutes of play, but he sat out Saturday’s game not at all because the team needed to lose.

The big news of the weekend was The Return of Omer Asik to the basketball court. He played over 12 minutes in both games, looking out of shape and winded for most of that time. He was rusty, but happy to be playing. The Turkish Hammer scored 4 points and grabbed 5 rebounds this weekend.

There isn’t a whole lot more to say about the Bulls right now. It’s a waiting game. Waiting for the lottery, waiting for the draft… So much of a rebuild requires patience. Sigh.

The Worst Records in the NBA:

1. Phoenix Suns 20-60 .250

2. Memphis Grizzlies 21-58 .266

3. Atlanta Hawks 23-57 .288

6. Sacramento Kings 26-54 .325

7. Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls 27-53 .338

9. New York Knicks 28-52 .350