3 Game Winning Streak???!!!

Sean Kilpatrick receives a victory bath from Antonio Blakeney after leading the Bulls past the Charlotte Hornets with his 19 point 4th quarter performance. Photo from the Chicago Tribune.

That’s right! Against all odds, against all reason, decency, common sense, and the very laws of the space-time continuum, the Bulls have put together a three game winning streak. “Why? What happened to the Tank?” You may be asking yourself. Never fear, your friendly neighborhood RokDeez Bulls Blog has the answers!

First, our Chicago heroes were hoodwinked into a victory by the conniving Orlando Magic, a team so spurious, they held the Bulls to just 9 points scored in the 3rd quarter and still found a way to lose the game. Next, the lamentable Washington Wizards tumbled through town. A sorry tumbleweed of a team, straw husk exterior and no heart, the Wizards have made a habit of losing to tanking teams this season, and the Bulls were no exception: Win #2. Last night, the listless Charlotte Hornets pantomimed at basketball for most of the game, but when crunch time rolled around, they packed up their tents early and pushed on to the next opponent, leaving the Bulls victors for a third straight game.

What gall these teams have! Not giving 100% every game! Not playing their best line ups and players against the Bulls! Don’t they know we need to lose???!!! How dare they???!!! It’s outrageous to think that the NBA would allow teams to play at sub-optimal levels against our beloved Chicago Bulls!!! Disgraceful!

On the bright side, it looks as though Lauri Markkanen reads this blog, because he has been doing exactly what I’ve asked him to do; Over the last four games or so, he has started asserting himself as the Bulls primary scorer. It culminated in the victory last night against the Hornets, as Markkanen scored 24 points in 24 minutes, on 8-14 shooting (57.1%). He shot 5-6 from 3 point land, and is close to breaking some kind of record set by Dirk Nowitzki involving making 3 pointers and being 7 feet in height (I don’t know. Stacey King was yapping about it during the game broadcast, I was only half listening). Markkanen added 7 rebounds, a nifty assist, and a block, with zero turnovers, a very nice night for the rookie.

The Bulls recent spate of victories has also been helped along by the play of recent hire, Sean Kilpatrick. He single-handedly kept the Hornets at bay, hitting clutch shot after clutch shot in the fourth quarter. He finished the game second in scoring for the Bulls, behind Markkanen, with 21 points.

He also had a couple of impressive blocks early in the game, showing surprising athleticism and timing.

Injury News:

The Bulls have confirmed that Denzel Valentine will sit out the remainder of the season with knee swelling. He joins Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine, and Antonio Blakeney in the “cheer section” of the bench.

Tankathon Update:

The Bulls are now tied with the New York Knicks for the 8th worst record in the league. With 4 games left in the season it is unlikely the Bulls will have a top five pick in this draft. However, there is still a chance for some movement. Losses in the two games they have left against the Brooklyn Nets will allow the Bulls to slide past them in the standings, and just a bit closer to the coveted top 5.

The Worst Records in the NBA:

1. Phoenix Suns 20-59 .253

2. Memphis Grizzlies 21-56 .273

3. Atlanta Hawks 22-56 .282

6. Sacramento Kings 25-54 .316

7. Brooklyn Nets 25-53 .321

8. Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks 27-51 .346