Doug Collins – Professional Advice Giver

Yesterday, in a slightly surprising move, the Chicago Bulls hired long time basketball person Doug Collins to be their senior advice giver. The actual title of Doug’s position is “Senior Advisor of Basketball Operations.” With more than 40 years of experience in and around the NBA (including a stint as the Bulls head coach), Collins seems like an excellent person to advise the front office during this rebuild. In his introductory press conference, Collins stressed that he WOULD NOT COACH the Bulls EVER AGAIN. He also mentioned several times that he would be a MENTOR. Who he will be mentoring is anybodies guess.

This hiring leaves me with a fair number of questions:

Is Collins here to teach Fred Hoiberg how to coach? Is that who he is mentoring? Is he here to share his NBA knowledge with this young Bulls roster? Is Collins just another opinion in the ear of John Paxson? Is Collins here to replace Gar Forman? Is Jerry Reinsdorf throwing his long time friend a bone like he has to so many former members of the Bulls?

Only time will tell if Doug Collins will have any significant impact on the Baby Bulls 2.0. Like so many other things this season, we will just have to see how the cookie crumbles.

In a quick note, Paxson was asked during the press conference how the Niko Mirotic negotiations were going. Nick Friedell of tweeted this out….

Friedell tweet about Niko

And the beat goes on….