Hello, my name is RokDeez, and I’m a Bulls fan…

If you are also a Chicago Bulls fan, this summer probably feels like we’ve hit rock bottom.  A dismal early dismissal from the NBA Playoffs, the questionable draft night trade of Jimmy Butler, the recent unpleasantness between Dwayne Wade and the Bulls front office *cough-buyout-cough*, it’s been a hard summer for Bulls fans.  Unfortunately, we can expect the hard times to continue as “Rebuild” and “Tank” are the words most commonly associated with the 2017-18 Bulls season. A little optimism may be in order as we fans face what could be several seasons of yuck.  That is what I hope to provide with this blog, optimism (not yuck).  We are in for some bad basketball.  It will be easy to rip apart this young Bulls roster, and many will.  As a fan, it will be tempting to walk away from the upcoming train wreck, and I don’t blame you if you do.  However, I intend on blogging through the misery, shining a light on the good performances, keeping an eye out for signs of growth, and commiserating with my fellow Bulls fans. I hope you will continue to visit my blog as the season progresses.

Thanks for reading,